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Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

Louis Kahn
A tattoo is a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. The art of making tattoos is tattooing.
Tattoos fall into three broad categories: purely decorative (with no specific meaning); symbolic (with a specific meaning pertinent to the wearer); pictorial (a depiction of a specific person or item).

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Specialises in illustrative fine art in color & black and gray.

Ricardo Willaims
Art Director

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Specialises in single needle and fine line.

Marta Björnsson
Tattoo Artist

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Specialises in black & gray realism.

Edward Trucco
Tattoo Artist

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A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Jeff Bezos
Preserved tattoos on ancient mummified human remains reveal that tattooing has been practiced throughout the world for many centuries. In 2015, scientific re-assessment of the age of the two oldest known tattooed mummies identified Ötzi as the oldest currently known example.
This body, with 61 tattoos, was found embedded in glacial ice in the Alps, and was dated to 3250 BCE. In 2018, the oldest figurative tattoos in the world were discovered on two mummies from Egypt which are dated between 3351 and 3017 BCE.

We must all suffer from one of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

Jim Rohn
Ancient tattooing was most widely practiced among the Austronesian people. It was one of the early technologies developed by the Proto-Austronesians in Taiwan and coastal South China prior to at least 1500 BCE, before the Austronesian expansion into the islands of the Indo-Pacific.It may have originally been associated with headhunting.
Tattooing traditions, including facial tattooing, can be found among all Austronesian subgroups, including Taiwanese Aborigines, Islander Southeast Asians, Micronesians, Polynesians, and the Malagasy people. Austronesians used the characteristic hafted skin-puncturing technique, using a small mallet and a piercing implement made from Citrus thorns, fish bone, bone, and oyster shells.

Don't dream your life, live your dream.

Chip Kidd
Tattooing involves the placement of pigment into the skin's dermis, the layer of dermal tissue underlying the epidermis. After initial injection, pigment is dispersed throughout a homogenized damaged layer down through the epidermis and upper dermis, in both of which the presence of foreign material activates the immune system's phagocytes to engulf the pigment particles.
As healing proceeds, the damaged epidermis flakes away (eliminating surface pigment) while deeper in the skin granulation tissue forms, which is later converted to connective tissue by collagen growth. This mends the upper dermis, where pigment remains trapped within successive generations of macrophages, ultimately concentrating in a layer just below the dermis/epidermis boundary.

What people say?

Amazing artwork and artists! These guys in here are absolutely awesome. The tattoos are great, 4 really simple matching tattoos. What set these guys apart is the personal attention.

Josh H

What people say?

Great experience! My artist was professional and made me feel comfortable. Very minimal soreness afterward.

Stephanie L

What people say?

Chris gave me the best service and tattoo work I could have asked for, my tattoo looks exactly like the drawing I brought. The staff is helpful, pricing is fair, even though I was a drop in I came out very happy.

Kyle Geissler


An artist's portfolio is an edited collection of their best artwork intended to showcase an artist's style or method of work. A portfolio is used by artists to show employers their versatility by showing different samples of current work. Typically, the work reflects an artist's best work or a depth in one specific area of work.

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